There is a certain mystique that surrounds the best poker players in the world. Watching poker tournaments, it is difficult to find a particular unifying characteristic that you can identify in each of the ultra-successful players. However, the players are all unified by their incredible success and talent – and by the sizeable earnings they are able to take home from international poker competitions.

So, who are the best poker players to ever hit the green table, and how did they get to the top? Keep reading to find out.

Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunsonis included in nearly every list of the world’s top poker players for a reason – he left a lasting impact on the game that continues to this day. Heis now 88 years old and he enjoyed a successful poker career that spanned five decades.

Brunsonhas 10 World Series of Poker bracelets to his name along with career tournament earnings of $6.2m. He was so incredibly successful as a result of his natural instinct, his feel for the game, and his extensive experience of the game.


FedorHolzis another top player who is still dominating poker competitions around the world. He travels internationally to play at competitions and, as of 2020, he had accumulated roughly $33m in earnings.

Unlike Brunson’s instinctual playing habits, Holzis much more of an analytical, calculating player. He has an extensive collection of strategies that he deploys when needed and he is well-versed in the risks of poker games.

Bryn Kenney

Bryn Kenney tops the list in terms of earnings as he has taken home nearly $56m in live earnings from poker games and competitions.Hehas a keen mind and grew up loving card games that involve risk, strategy and careful consideration.

Before becoming an international poker sensation, Kenneygrew up playing Magic: The Gathering, the cult-classic fantasy card game. Hehas a huge amount of natural talent and skill, but he is also incredibly calculating and has a series of impressive strategies that he can deploy at will during a poker game or competition.

Improving your poker playing

If you feel inspired to improve your poker playing, there are a number of different steps you can take to boost your game. One great way is to really dig into the literature that is out there for poker players thatdissects different strategies and best practices – there are a million and one articles and videos online available free to interested students of the art of poker.

You can try out your strategies online before deploying them in person using sites such as Free Casino Player. Many gamblers have found that playing online is helpful when learning a new game or trying a new strategy as they are able to play in a perfectly controlled environment. Instead of trying to focus on a new strategy on a bustling casino floor, gamblers are able to create a quiet environment at home for optimal concentration.