You also have to be as loyal to customers as possible: if the conditional Pinnacle cancels the bet, and Bet pays the winnings, then it is obvious in whose favor the bettor will make the choice next time. As a reminder, players place their bets on the aggregator site, so to change Pinnacle to Bet, ​​it is enough to spend three seconds and move the checkbox.

To summarize, 카지노쿠폰 bookmakers, cooperating with a broker, receive a serious stream of new customers, but they must offer exceptional conditions, otherwise bettors will choose competitors.

Pros and cons for players

  • The main advantages for the players are the already mentioned disadvantages for the bookmakers. First, high odds, sometimes with little or no margin. Secondly, loyalty: the very same Matchbook, Betfair, Pinnacle, SBOBet and so almost never cut professionals, let alone the broker’s clients, all the more so as not to fall face down in the mud against the background of competitors.

There are many bookmakers in the top aggregators, these are Europeans and Asians, and they are not friends, so the offices cannot agree among themselves to block affiliates or set hard limits for the conditional Cambodian football championship. If Matchbook refuses to cooperate, the rest are glad to see the client. In order for all broker members to refuse a bettor, he must win a very long time and a lot, and such cases are unique.

The Right Limits

Another important point is the huge limits, because the aggregator sums up the maximum bet sizes in each individual bookmaker: the bet is automatically split between several bookmakers. Yes, the coefficient drops slightly, but on the other hand, a client can put hundreds of thousands of euros on one position anyway with a low margin.

  • Aggregators are the only way for professional players to make money on bets. Regular offices block the accounts of successful bettors or set hard limits, but brokers, especially Asian ones, practically do not impose restrictions you can play and win as much as you like. The higher the popularity of the event, the higher the limits, but they are decent even for weak leagues.
  • The only drawback is that it is more difficult to win in these offices, because small markets are poorly represented: there are not enough small championships and bets on statistics.

But there is also a downside to the coin: bettors have to pay for conditions close to ideal. Almost all aggregators have a withdrawal commission, on average 1%. Formally, this is the commission of payment systems, but many offices pay it on their own for the player, but brokers do not want to.

You can make a table where the number of matches of clubs that are played in totals is entered and get the final odds. Also, betters are worried about how much to bet? To make a bet, such a percentage of the bank is selected, which corresponds to the value of the coefficient. To determine the stake you can use the following table.


Also, not everyone can afford to start playing in the aggregator: everyone has a different minimum deposit, but on average it is 150-200 euros, when, as in a classic office, you can replenish an account with only 10 euros.