Is there a foolproof way to win at online slots? This is certainly the most frequent question asked by players who are passionate about virtual casinos. The blogs and the various groups on social networks are teeming with miraculous strategies, foolproof tricks and all sorts of white or black magic that can make the reels stop right at the moment and in the exact point where they should stop to give us winnings. On this, however, we must be honest: there is no foolproof strategy that guarantees 100% the certainty of winning at slots.

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It is clear that if there was a method that works with mathematical certainty, every virtual casino would have gone bankrupt long ago. The fact that there is no infallible secret does not, however, exclude that there may be strategies that actually manage to increase the odds of winning or, at the very least, to reduce the risk of losses. Because this too can be considered a success: losing as little as possible. So let’s see how you can try to beat the slots and come out the winner, or almost, from your idn slot games.

Slot Machines: If You Know Them, You Love Them

Mirror, mirror of my desires, what is the most generous slot in the realm

This is the first question you should ask yourself when approaching the online slots of a virtual casino. To maximize your gaming experience you should first ask yourself which slot pays the most. Be careful, because it is not the one that is advertised with “super win” banners or fabulous bonuses. Simply, you have to look for the RTP, or the Return to Player, in the data sheet. This is the percentage that tells you how much that slot pays; the higher the percentage, the more convenient that slot is;

Establish a budget that is realistic in relation to your pocket and your winning strategy.

Compared to the second, the winning strategy also varies according to the slots you choose to play on. The more a slot in a virtual casino pays, the more demanding the bets are: this is a rule that applies in every sector, as quality has a cost;

Watch out for the welcome bonus:

If you are new to a virtual casino, or just a slot, you can almost certainly take advantage of the welcome bonus. This type of promotion allows you to approach a new slot without having to place your bet right away;

If you decide to accept a bonus from a virtual pk1sports, of any kind (therefore also different from the welcome bonus), always check the play through or the number of times you have to play that bonus, or the sum won with that bonus, in order to actually withdraw the winnings;

Vary Your Playing Technique

Sometimes simpler and less sophisticated slots can give you even high payouts, without having to dive into complicated mechanisms. Varying your playing technique, going from more basic to more elaborate slots is one of the trump cards of the best players.