Because of the coronavirus pandemic, sporting events and other worldwide games have been canceled. This has led to the crippling of the sports betting industry as there are no more live games and sporting events for sports bettors to bet on. One thing that has been popular over the past few years is virtual betting in Kenya. It is usually booming during the off-season of sports teams, but with the pandemic delaying the upcoming seasons, more people are turning to virtual sports.

Virtual sports are inspired by real sporting events going on around the world. They are essentially fantasy sports built like casino games. They depend on a certain software to generate the match’s outcome and to determine the winners.A Random Number Generator is also used to avoid any cheating. Comparing real-life sports can be helpful to people who are just starting out in virtual betting, as virtual sports usually follow the basic rules of the sport they are simulating. 

A huge difference between live games and virtual sports is the amount of time it takes. Betting on live games in Kenya usually takes more time because punters must calculate their options carefully in order to get the highest possible chance of winning. They also have to wait for the game, which usually take 90 minutes to endand see who won. Virtual betting, on the other hand, only takes 2-3 minutes and does not require as much attention.

Virtual betting requires a lot of adjustments on the fly. The games’ outcomes are randomly generated so it is best to keep bets at a minimum. Bettors should also be informed about the basic strategies when it comes to betting in Kenya.

To learn more about virtual betting, you can check out this infographic from Chezacash.

Virtual Betting