No need to shell out money for fancy graph game coasters. Just create them with그래프사이트 추천 pieces. You can layer them as you like.

In computer tower

All geeks love to personalize their computers. Well, now you know you can build your computer tower with graph games. Remember to leave ventilation so that the air circulates. The computer should not heat up. 

In earrings

The creations of jewelry in graph game are numerous. But here’s an original one. These are earrings. This particular example does not involve bricks. You can choose to decorate them as you see fit. You can even customize your piercings. 

Help with math Not everyone is naturally good at math. Entering the numbers and making them work is not always easy. You might not have noticed, but graph game pieces are a handy aid in teaching math to a child. They are particularly useful for fractions, or for addition and subtraction of bases. 

As an aquarium décor

This is one of my favorite ideas. A decor for your aquarium made of graph game with the theme of Super Mario. You had to think about it. The castle is perfectly rendered. As for the clouds, they are the detail that kills. 

In a gift box

Have you ever been in this situation: having to give a last-minute gift, but you don’t have gift wrap? Do not panic. Just build a red and white graph game gift box. The recipient of the gift will be blown away and touched by this personal attention, no matter what you put in it. Visit the for more on this.

In Star Wars guitar

Do you like guitars? Do you like Star Wars? So, owning this incredible creation is a dream that can come true. Have you seen the effort and design of this magnificent Millenium guitar? Imagine the time it took to build it. Awesome, isn’t it? 

In Christmas balls

Decorating your Christmas tree is something that brings a lot of joy to families. Some people are still very classic, but others like to bring a touch of originality. Graph game balls are a great way to get your kids involved in decorating the tree. Not only do they have a lot of fun, but they also feel like they are helpful and creative. 

In wall key ring

The keys, you never know where you put them. And we spend our time chasing. Some have a bowl at the entrance to the house to throw them away when they come home. But why not get creative and make a wall keychain with graph games. At least you won’t be looking for where your keys are anymore. 

In a very colorful bar

It is difficult today to have truly unique furniture unless you transform it yourself. If you want to make sure you have something unique, why not be bold? Create a colorful bar with graph game pieces. It sure takes a bit of time and effort, but it’s surely the coolest bar out there, right? 

In lampshade

Another absolutely brilliant graph game creation: a lampshade. Give it the shape you want, put on pieces in a color that goes with your decor, but above all, don’t forget to leave days for the light to pass.