The strongest grades of Mau Binh all follow very specific principles. Playing Mau Binh at, you also need to follow these rules before creating other types of breakout playing card games by yourself. Anyway, the ratio of winning with predetermined methods is still significantly higher, instead of depending on luck and brand new methods.

Prioritize according to the order of strength and weakness of the combination

Obviously, this is first to fight against the army of soldiers. Ranking strong and weak is always the first choice for new players. Gambling always welcomes newcomers, so this is highly effective.

The principle is arranged in the correct order. If you have a “Straight Flush” or Quadruple, it must be classified as 1. This will be an expenditure that will give you a huge win rate against your opponent, not to mention the opponent with a penalty. Welcoming, ranked by “Full House”, “Flush”,  followed by “sám cô”, “thú”, Pair and the lowest is Mau Thau.

Reducing too much inference with this sorting is also a way to help beginners get acquainted quickly with Mau Binh and or be careful when playing Mau Binh so that they do not get Binh Lung.

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Arrange cards according to traditional ways

Traditional ways are methods that have a unique name for matching. Reports show that ways like this are usually 72 percent capable of winning and will usually lose only 1 or up to 2 houses, significantly reducing the odds of crashing, not to mention it’s the most optima card configuration.

  • “3 Flush”: You stack the first spending “Flush” and put it in half on the last leg. Or shaking the last pair of limbs on the middle limb creates a 3-barrel attack.
  • “3 sword straight  ”: You arrange cards for the first group, then the other 3 pairs put it in 2 groups with the last group using the strongest pair or choose the strongest and weakest pair for the second group, the second strongest pair put in 3rd.
  • Dissolved “Full House/Flush/Straight”: In order to prevent the possibility of collapsing, spend all resources on the strongest group, have against the main Ace as possible, and drop the remaining second group, Mau Thau if only the last group has Ace, the better.
  • “Thú phé thủ”: In the case of 4 pairs, the player develops 2 sets of “thú” with group 1 being the strongest and weakest pair, group 2 being the second strongest and weakest pair. This is the best way to increase your chances of winning. It is important to pay attention not to use Binh Lung when arranging
  • “Thú phé đôi”; Also in the case of 4 pairs, the player chooses the 2 weakest pairs to create the first pair, then group 2 and 3 choose the strongest and second strongest pair. The probability of winning for this deck is quite low, but this is the most optimal way you can do it.
  • “Ba phé bắn bài”: The card has only 3 pairs in hand and there are only 2 ways of ranking. However, in order to create a certain resistance until the last minute, let’s rank each group 1 pair, not rank 1, 2 and 2, and buy 3 players who must be wary.

Arrange cards according to feelings but still follow the rules

Sentimentality is based on your judgment of the opponent’s card ability. After a series of matches, you can decide who plays by what style. There will be opponents who have “Full House” but accept to arrange 2 “Straight” or 2 “Flush” to increase your chances of victory. For opponents that you can grasp so far, customize your cards so that you don’t have Binh Lung, but there’s no need to build a deck of cards with the strongest cards from groups 1 and leave group 2. Sometimes you can break the Full House to create 2 good “Straight”, group has 3 on Ace, or make a 2-barrel, 3-A-position.

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