Many people might have a hard time understanding how sports betting odds work and how they can use them in their bets. Sports bettors wager on both short odds and long odds, depending on the situation. New punters might have a hard time understanding why an underdog manages to win, resulting in bets on the favorites being lost.

The odds tell people the probability of an outcome happening. Short odds like 1.1 mean that the likelihood of them happening is high, while long odds that reach 10 indicate that its chances are low. Long odds can even reach in the hundreds that tempt many people to bet on them due to the possible high winnings, only to end up losing.

Sports betting in Kenya can be challenging when the punters don’t know how to use the odds to increase their winnings. Live betting Kenya is also challenging since the odds continuously change as real-time information on the match’s state comes in and changes how people think a game will end.

The odds also affect how much a punter can win. Long odds betting promise higher winnings to sports bettors since they significantly multiply a punter’s stake. Sports bettors need to research first before backing an underdog to ensure that they can successfully predict a game’s outcome.

To know more about how sports betting odds work, see this infographic by Chezacash.