Well the SIC BO is one of the three dice online game which is similar to the Chuck-a-Luck or Craps game with some of the adjustments made at hand. You can easily learn how to play this game which takes the average player less time in understanding its layout and rules, including their related payoffs. This gameplay has been developed from the Chinese dice game of ancient times. Such a game is played on the table with the three dices. It can be enjoyed either in a land-based casino or online. Nowadays the game Judi slot is more in demand. 

How to play?

The player in this game is asked to place a wager on any one bet option that gets indicated on the table layout online. The dices further enter the plastic form of a cylinder and perform the fair shake. When results of dice get revealed, different spots on the table are termed as the winners in the slot online game. If you are willing to bet on any of such spots, then you will get the payment as per odds on the pay table. One can place different bets in the following ways- 

Big and small bets

It involves different huge numbers from eleven to seventeen and small numbers from four to ten with winning wagers that pay off the money. In this game, you will win when you will select a big bet, and dice total will be around 11-17 and lose when the total is in 18 or mid of 10 and 3. The betting small will see you winning when the dice totals come in 4 or 10 and player loses when it has a total of 11 and 17.

The even and odd bets

In the dice game online, it includes a simple bet where one can select the outcome of dice totaling as even or odd. One can win the odd bet whenever the dice result gets added to an odd number and can lose if even number comes. The reverse option is true for even bets. This game includes more bets. Click online to learn more today.

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