The fold is the most profitable action you can make at the poker table, all other actions (bet, raise, call) cost a lot of money if you use them at the wrong time. Winning with poker is not a matter of playing the right hands and knowing when to discard your cards. Everyone wants to win, but in only 13% of the cases you get a winning hand dealt. In all other times, you must therefore ensure that you lose no or as little money as possible.

Aces with low kicker

An ace in the hand is of course very nice, but if the second card is a low kicker like a 2 through 9, you lose 75% of the time against a player who has an ace with a high kicker. You do win against pairs if the ace falls on the flop, but then the ace must fall. However, if you run into an AK or something similar, you often lose a lot of your stack. For the 99pokeronline this is important now.

Conserve your money

If you want to start playing with money right away, start at the low limits. Every player initially makes mistakes in poker. Practice a number of strategies on the low limits, if it goes wrong it will cost much less money than you lose on a higher limit. The higher limits include a lot more smart player and can’t wait to pluck you bare.

Win with heads up

Heads up is playing one-on-one poker. You have to adjust your game to win heads-up. Do not wait for premium cards, you will really have to play a lot of hands for a chance to win. Anyone who plays cautiously at heads-up perishes against the aggressive way of playing that is often used in this type of bivalve.


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