Is poker gambling, is it purely luck, or pure skill? Or, maybe, a mixture of both? The tricky thing about poker is, that it can be all of these to different degrees. It depends on what you’d like to accomplish by playing it and how well you approach the whole thing.


First of all, you have “Scratch and Aim” poker. This style of poker hands-off for the most part and the goal is to get your opponent to be dealt a straight flush, four of a kind, or another four of a kind.


The idea is to get them to make bluffs and mistakes in hopes that you can do the same. Typically, this style of poker requires the person to either have a very good poker brain or else be extremely lucky. You can take this same concept and apply it to online casino poker as well. The best way to play stud poker online is also the most luck-based:


The second type of poker gambling, and probably the most popular, is “Card Counting.” Now, I’m not talking about the kind of card counting scams that are out there. I’m talking about skill.


This is where you are betting based on the odds of your hand, so basically you’re betting with something that has a little bit of skill attached to it. This isn’t necessarily the most accurate, and it certainly isn’t the most fun, but it is a skill that can win money.


One final w88 poker gambling strategy involves the old stand-by, and that is, “good players win more often than bad players.” This statement holds, at least up to a point. However, as with skill, it all depends upon the person being played. Some poker players are simply talented, while others are simply unlucky.


In conclusion, although many people think that poker gambling is all about luck, the truth is that there is skill involved as well. The key, like in any skill, lies in repetition. If you simply keep repeating the same actions over, you’ll get better at it. You can only be truly successful if you apply your skills to the table and then use the common sense of luck.


That’s all for now, but remember that real cash betting is only one aspect of real money poker gambling. Skill is the other, and the more you practice, the more skilled you will become. There is no reason to get discouraged if you lose on a few occasions. Just keep on practicing and you’ll eventually be successful.