Dicehappens to be a relatively unknown game, not least because Casino has chosen to offer the game on its premises until recently. Dice is one of the older games in the gambling world, and has been played for countless generations. It is a dice game, which is built with the help of two dice and a collection of active people who run the game. Add a large table with printed betting structures and information to the equation and voila, you have Dice!

The main characters in Dice

In order for you as a reader to gain a better understanding of the course of the game, here is anintroduction to the people who participate in a game round of Dice.

The game happens to consist of several different people with different roles:

Shooters. This is the person who rolls the two dice. The dice roll, so that all players at the table sooner or later become the shooter. The player who is the shooter has to place a bet on the Bet Line

Dealers. A dice table use to have two dealers, who happens topossess track of each part of the table. The most communal feature they have is that they place your bets according to your instructions.

The stickman. The Stickman is the one who keeps track of the game, and who shouts out the result of the shooter’s throw. It is also this that ensures that the shooter gets his dice. This is done using a long, curved stick that extends over the entire table. It is not uncommon for the stickman to try to incite more bets from the players!

The boxman. This is the dice banker. This one keeps track of the chips, and is located opposite the Stickman and the two deals.

Players. These are the players at the table who do not keep the judi dadu besar kecil online. Even if these do not roll the dice, they can still play on the current shooter’s dice roll.