Blackjack strategy guides are a gem. These guides give a good background structure for novice players in gambling and improve their chances of winning. But even when regular players already know how to play the game, some gamblers can still play poorly, and it’s the casino that orchestrates it. 

Here are ways that casinos do it:

Giving Bad Advice

At a blackjack table, you find the spectators, the gamblers, and the dealer. Casinos keep gamblers in making sound decisions through unsolicited advice from onlookers and the dealer. They seemed to “care” about the gambler and his winnings to keep the player going and eventually lose a little or a lot.

Acting as Your Friend

The dealer can be considered as a “devil’s advocate.” Be mindful of their warm smiles and enthusiastic greetings that can break down a gambler’s guard and make them play without reservation.

Giving Fake Optimism

Small talks can lift a downcast gambler’s spirits. Add lively music, alcohol, and beautiful women, and a gambler is back in the game to play. Happy blackjack players tend to commit the gambler’s fallacy, get greedy, or tip generously all at the same time.

Getting the Player to Drink

When a gambler can’t afford to buy drinks from a casino due to its high price, some drinks are available and free served by dealers for gamblers to keep their spirits on a high while making irrational decisions regardless of winning or losing.

But just like the Singapore sports bet, playing blackjack need not be worrisome. All the mentioned casino strategies can be avoided thanks to the rise of online casinos. Check-out this infographic to get up-to-date tips and tricks.
Blackjack Strategy Guide