As for the casino bets, the choice of bets is more important, but when the zero comes out, all bets are losers. With these bets (the inside bets) it is possible to bet on a full number, two numbers (on horseback), three numbers, four numbers (the square), six numbers (the sixain) or a dozen. On each spin of the roulette, the player can bet as desired. It is also possible to bet on several inside bets and outside bets at the same time.

Internal and external bets

In casino roulette in คาสิโนปอยเปตออนไลน์ there are two forms of betting. These bets are internal bets and external bets. External bets are called single odds. These simple chances are almost 50/50 in terms of the probability of winning. With internal bets, the payouts are higher, but the odds of winning are lower. At the casino, you see all kinds of players and betting preferences depend above all on risk taking. Cautious players often opt for external odds (single odds), while players who want to win big do not hesitate to bet on solid numbers or other forms of betting on numbers.

The “Sharing” rule

Partage isto “divide”. This rule applies to bets with equal parity when the zero comes out (which happens once out of 37). This means that, for example, a losing bet on a color can be recovered at 50%. This rule never applies with European and American casters. It is thanks to this “Sharing” rule thatroulette offers the best winning odds.

The “Prison” Rule

As with the rule “La Prison” applies when betting on equal par and zero comes out. This time instead of recovering half of the bet, the chips are placed in prison. If the bet wins in the next round, the stake is recovered 100% by the player. This exclusive rule means that a losing bet in roulette is not always so.

The two rules of zero inroulette favor players compared to other types of roulette. It is for this reason that it is advisable to playroulette rather than American or European.

Where to play roulette?

You should know thatroulette is not always present in a casino (physical or online). If you are looking for an online casino that has this roulette, the Gaming Club site is worth visiting. In addition with this casino it is possible to play in electronic version (with software), or live with real croupiers. Either option doesn’t change anything to win; the same rules of the game apply.

Gaming Club -Roulette with real dealers

The Gaming Club site is equipped withroulette. This roulette is available live or in electronic mode without a dealer.

Luxury Casino – European and American Roulette

The Luxury Casino site is equipped with European and American casters. These 2 casino wheels are compatible on PC and Mobile.On another note, if you opt for the Luxury Casino site, which is one of the best rated on our guide, you will have to settle for European or American roulette, theversion not being offered live.If you have a mobile phone (smartphone) or an iPad , the Casino Action mobile site is the roulette site to prefer. Indeed, Casino Action is to date the most successful for playing roulette with an iPhone or a device of another brand.