Most of the people who play poker know about this game. It has another name also like the double hand. It is one of the favorite poker games that people love to play. And, the love for domino99 is not a new thing. Love has increased a lot since its birth from China. At starting it was known as Pai Gow and then came the name domino99, domino qq or double hand. There were several attempts have done to recreate the game. But as it is said original is always better than anything. And, it applies here righty although changes have been made in rules. But still the original version is always better.

That is why it is always loved by people whether they lose or win money in it. And, in domino qq online game the money will always be big. So, anyone who wins the game takes a lot of money to their home. Many players have made a lot of money from this game.

Rules are different from poker

If someone plays poker and then entered in this thing then they will face some difficulty at starting. Because the rules are different from poker. Card values are slightly different from a traditional poker game. But that will remain for a very little time. And, it will vanish shortly after a person starts playing it regularly. Just one thing to keep in mind that at starting don’t put a big amount of money into it. First learn and then earn is the motto in this game.


Strategies to win in this game

The first and foremost strategy that can be applied in this game is being patient. And, after that start making small bets so, that one can play many rounds. Don’t forget to keep the attention in this game. Because it has a high level of competition. A slight mistake can make someone lose their capital amount. So, be very focused on the game.