A 100% pleasant way to progress in sports betting? Pair the arts and sports. If you like to read, immerse yourself in introductory guides to betting techniques. And make the most of your hours on Netflix. Many films will familiarize you with sports and betting, from the classic “The Color of Money” to the very informative “The Strategist” on the use of statistics. Especially watch sports documentaries, they will teach you even more. We recommend “Formula 1: Drivers of Their Destiny” or “The Last Dance”, captivating series that reveal the backstage of pro QQ Online sports. 

Make simple bets

Few people like to complicate their lives. Good thing, in sports betting, the simplest bets are often the most profitable. You can therefore concentrate without the slightest remorse on the bets that are easier to pin down, such as the final winner of a match. Over time you will discover the charms of more sophisticated bets (combined, system, handicap). But there is no particular premium on complexity. In horse racing for example, it is the most basic bet, on the winning horse of the race, which offers the best average rate of return to riders. With sports betting, the pleasure is therefore immediate. It will change you violin lessons.

Sports betting advice: how to make the bettor in you grow?

  • This quote from a contemporary poker author works well for sports bettors. Here is not a tip in sports betting, but five, to progress faster. Because you are not born a sports bettor, you become one. A bit like the Jedi Knights, but much easier nonetheless.

Stop believing in fairy tales

It is an important stage in the life of a child to stop believing in Santa Claus. A few decades later, you are ready to take a new step. No, in sports betting there is no magic formula or method that will make you win money for sure. Only those who trade it get richer. Martingales, mathematical systems, arbitration techniques are all dreams. Friend’s tip: don’t waste time following them, they will unfortunately make you lose more money than you dreamed of making. The pleasure of sports betting is elsewhere. And the gains real but never guaranteed – too. You are better than that.

Find your style

Not all bettors are good at all sports and all bets. On the contrary, those who succeed specialize to gain knowledge and experience in a specific segment. Thus, they know how to spot the “value bet”, these bets where the bookmaker offers a very interesting price compared to the estimated risk. So what is your style in sports betting? Are you more into football, a collective and popular sport? Or squash, a more elitist racquet sport? Will you be more effective in more exciting finals or more predictable league games? In sports betting, there is room for everyone, it’s up to you to find yours.