Every day the presence of online casinos is becoming more persistent and powerful. It has become a pedestal for matchless entertainment, thrilling poker tournaments, and unbelievable progressive slot jackpots. You may not have tasted the nectar of jackpot, but many players in the past have raised a toast to success. A large spectrum of legends, myths and allegations mystify the world of gambling and will do so in the future. But a peep inside the gambling world will clear the cloud, the mist will disappear, and you can see the reality.

Some interesting facts about the world of gambling

The ratio of male and female gamblers shows that fair sex is less interested in gambling. Almost 84% of gamblers are male. But interestingly proprietor of the first licensed casino in Las Vegas happens to be a female named Mayme Stocker. It was in 1920, the first legitimate casino was established with a billboard, “Northern Club”.

Monte Carlo is famous for being the homeland of Grace Kelly; Formula 1 Grand Prix race. The town is beset with wealth and extravaganza. Out of the four traditional quartiers of Monaco is the renowned   Monte Carlo Casino. According to the local regulations, citizens of Monaco were not permitted to enter the royal Monte Carlo Casino as of the mid-1800s.

There is so much confusion about card counting, but it is perfectly permissible in blackjack. Casinos around the world abhorrence it as it lowers the house edge. There are provisions for self-exclusion from gambling though in limited jurisdiction. Voluntary Exclusion, a program in the state of Ohio, allows players for seclusion from gambling as long as they wish. You may be amazed to know almost 90% of players prefer online casinos like 918kiss to pursue their wagering leisure. Only the reaming 10% still venture into brick and mortar casinos. Only one-third of total players declare themselves as professional gamblers.

Players are attentive to a large spectrum of casino games available in online casinos; most players are unaware of another form of gambling. A lottery is the most popular form of wagering all over the world, and most online casinos offer a lottery to their clients. More than half of the world population (55%) has played the lottery at least once in their lifetime. Every player dream to win a huge life-changing jackpot; they pray for the windfall gain. Contrarily the online casinos have come up with demo version of many casino games. It is a platform to learn and practice, but over here, a dream will never come true as there is no real money stake. Enjoy gambling with realistic expectations.