Most novice gamblers, first interested in the world of betting, think that there are only two possible outcomes the first or the second side wins. Less often a draw is added to them. Upon closer inspection, it turns out that the number of outcomes offered by the leading bookmakers can go up to several hundred.

A selection of all possible outcomes is the bookmaker’s 토토 사이트 line. A good line allows experienced handicappers to create more interesting game strategies and generate consistent sports betting income.

Let us examine several basic types of bets, which are equally interesting for both beginners and experienced players.

Contest outcome

The first and most common bet is placed on the outcome of a sporting event. The player has to guess one of three possible outcomes: the first team wins (W1), the draw (X) or the second team wins (W2).

Double chance

This type of bet directly comes from the bet on the outcome of the 은꼴 competition. In this case, the bookmakers offer to combine two of the three possible outcomes. It should be borne in mind that if the sports discipline does not imply a draw, there is no such bet.

The following bets can be made within the framework of the “double chance”:

  • Any team or competitor wins (12)
  • First Team Leadership or Draw (1X)
  • Second team wins or draws (X2)

When making such bets, the chance of winning increases, but the coefficient decreases.


Total bets are most often used in football or hockey. To place a bet, you need to have an idea of ​​how many goals can be scored during a match.

Total over (TB) is a bet that more than a certain number of goals or goals will be scored in a match. For example, if you are betting on total over 3.5 (TB 3.5), to win it is necessary that the opponents score four or more goals to each other.

Total Under (TM) a bet that less than a certain number of goals will be scored in the match. For example, total less than 3.5 (TM 3.5) means that the opponents must score no more than three goals to each other.


Often one of the rivals is far superior to the other in experience and class of the game. People do not want to bet on the victory of the second opponent. To slightly balance the situation, bookmakers offer to bet on the odds.

Let’s give an example. The ice hockey teams of Russia and Italy meet on the ice. The coefficient for the victory of Russia is slightly above one, the coefficient for the victory of Italy tends to a three-digit figure. There is no sense in such rates.

We look at the odds. Handicap F (-3) is offered for the victory of the Russian team. That is, hockey players must win by more than three goals. The coefficient is already closer to adequate indicators 1.50.

A different handicap is offered for the Italian team: F (+3). That is, she should not lose by more than three goals.

Exact score

It is almost impossible to predict the exact score of a match. The strongest athlete can get injured early in the game and be eliminated. The strongest goalkeeper can concede a dozen goals because “sometimes it happens.” However, if the player guesses the exact score of the match, he can hit a good jackpot.