Beyond managing your bankroll and your bets well, it is also essential to keep a record of your sports betting. Thus it allows you to know if your sports bets are making you money (or not). And this is often where the shoe pinches, most punters do not manage their bankroll and do not take stock of their bets either. So many are losers but are not even aware of it, which is a shame.

Look for Your Options

To make a report, you can use a simple Excel file, or even a sheet of paper. A site like Kings Casino allows you to do it completely and above all for free.

  • When you take stock, there is one more important indicator than the others: the ROI. It is thanks to the ROI whether or not you are profitable in the long term.
  • The principle is to divide the profits (or losses) by the total amount you have bet. The calculation of the ROI is therefore = evolution of the capital / Total stake x 100 (to have a percentage).
  • We will take the example of a bettor who bets on 10 one-time bets of 20 euros each and an odd of 1.80 each. Our bettor is doing well and wins 6/10.
  • The profits are therefore: 6 x (1.80 x € 20) – 200 euros total stake = 216 – 200 = + 16 euros. These + 16 euros represent the change in capital. And they were won by betting a total of 200 euros, all bets combined.

In our example, the ROI will therefore be 16/200 x 100 = 8%. Of course, from the moment the figure is positive, you win money in sports betting, and if it is negative you lose it.

Know that a good bettor has an ROI above 5%, here with our example of a bettor with 8% ROI we are fine. Be careful, however, the ROI is not measured on so few bets, it is of no interest.

There it was just for the example, the interest of the ROI is to measure it over a long period 6 months, 1 years or more. It is by measuring the ROI over a long period that we can know if a bettor is profitable or not in the long term.

Also know that learning sports betting is not just learning to bet. You can also just follow tipsters, as long as you choose the right ones. Along with that in Kings Casino you can make use of the 은꼴 bonus subscription and bet nicely.

What is a tipster?

A tipster is someone who offers you sports betting tips, so it’s exactly the same as a tipster. And following a tipster’s predictions can be a good idea, provided you find a good one. And this is the whole point, because most tipsters are dishonest and will make you lose money.