Casino. The word must have taken you through the snapshots of roulette tables, and those slot machines, sound of eager gamblers and betting chips. Giving your chances a try at, the pleasures of winning and the rakes moving when losing. However, every casino has had its shares of ups and downs. 

The journey to becoming a well-known casino involves a success story. A successful casino that revolves around slow progress. Deriving its discovery from an accidental device, the roulette, one of the most played casino games also has its story of evolution.

Some of the best stories about the journey of a casino that leave many of the gamblers in awe are:


  • The Week of Fortune


In April 2010 Jim M., a member of Royal Vegas Casino won $117,116 over an extended period of a week. Yes, you read that right, repetitive fortunes over a week! And it was just the regular games of Bonus slots, and bars like stuff.

Started up from a Saturday, the very first fortune, that the downhome Canadian won, accounted for $45,659. It was early April back then. The royal vegas casino NZ still has this as the most amusing success story, for Jim went online to win $28,628 more. Hold on! The list doesn’t end here.

This was followed by winnings of $23,068 and $19,746, on Wednesday and Thursday respectively. Accounting for a sum of $117,116 at Royal Vegas casino, by far the best tale of casino gambling.


  • The No-Sevening out Probability


Acquainted with the dice rolls at casinos, how many of you can roll them out 154 times without 7 as your thrown outcome. Well, one aged lady did manage it.

The lady created a world record for most successive dice rolls without sevening out. This occurred at Atlantic City’s Borgata Casino and Spa. If experts are to go by, she would have won around hundreds of thousands of bucks by good bets.

However, the grandma never attempted it again given the expectant par was now set too high for her to dare again.


  • The 8-year old wizard


Aashish Nanak, an 8-year-old boy from Chandigarh, India supposedly won half a million dollars sitting at his desk!

Introduced to computers at 3-year-old age, he developed an interest in online poker and began playing through his uncle’s account. By the age of 8, he had collected many small winnings through a PayPal account set up by his uncle. The staff members of the website had named the boy, littlepokerwizard.

However, when he won half a million dollars, the website disagreed to pay given his age. The matter stays unknown of the outcome, though this has been one of most bizarre success stories heard of.

These are some stories that might want you to try your luck at random online games of roulette or slot machine or pokie. However, it all is a matter of probabilities. Rarely does luck sneak in and when it does, your story might appear on this page right up!