Be aware that each odds can act as a multiplier and allow you to calculate the amount of your potential winnings. To do this, simply multiply the value of the odds and the amount of your bet.

Our opinion on the double chance bet

For our part, we believe that the double chance bet represents a great opportunity for players, provided however to follow certain rules. It is preferable to privilege disputed meetings rather than those whose result is not in doubt.

Likewise, combining several 토토double chance bets on a single handset can be a winning choice and significantly increase your winning prospects. You should know that seasoned bettors do not hesitate to play a handset that mixes double chance bets and single bets.

  • Finally, do not hesitate to use the cash out to recover part or your entire stake on a bet in progress. To take a concrete example, you bet on a double chance victory for team 1 / draw but it is team 2 which opens the score. By using the cash out on this current bet, you will still get a certain amount of money from your bookie since a single goal is enough to reverse the trend. The bet will be canceled and an amount will be credited to your account.
  • Many bettors know the concept of handicap sports betting but do not really master it and therefore do not use it. It is a shame because this type of bet makes it possible to widen the possibilities of bets by betting on rather high odds. Find out all there is to know about handicap sports betting and become an accomplished bettor.

How the sports bet handicap works

You want to bet on a match but the odds of a classic 1N2 bet are not interesting enough? This often happens when a match seems to be played in advance with a big favorite. This is where the sports betting handicap comes into its own. The bookmakers suggest putting a more or less significant handicap on the favorite team at the start of the match. Of course, the odds increase in return, which will earn you more money. It is therefore a way to rebalance the match while expanding the betting possibilities.

A sports betting handicap available on many sports

Sports betting handicap is a practice that has gradually spread to many sports. Of course, the handicap bet benefits from specific features depending on the sport bet. Here are all the details to master for your predictions.

Football handicap bet

The handicap football bet is counted in number of goals. A team is therefore assigned a certain goal handicap before the match. This delay can start at 1 goal and go up to 4 or 5 goals.

Handicap tennis sports betting

The handicap tennis sports betting this time takes the form of number of sets or number of games. The principle remains the same as for a football handicap.With the number of games that the ATP circuit imposes on players, it is not uncommon to see certain disabilities fly apart in certain games.