In the world of judi online casinos there are different versions of roulette, which differ mainly in the particular position in which the cylinder is located on the game table, but not only. Other factors, such as the numerous changes to the basic rules or the presence or absence of certain combinations, can also affect and distinguish different types of online roulette.

  • The most famous variants of roulette, even in online casinos, are three: American, French and English roulette.
  • In the roulette of our transalpine cousins, the cylinder is made up of 37 numbers, with numbering from 0 to 36, and the en prison rule applies, in the event that the ball hits zero.
  • Precisely in the latter situation, the bet can be split equally with the dealer or, otherwise, it can jump until the next roll.

English roulette has the same rules that characterize the French one, excluding however the en prison

In this version, in fact, each player of dominoqq has colored and characteristic tokens thanks to this arrangement he allows himself to tire the croupier less, removing some of the tasks intended for him. Also, thanks to this rule, the game develops faster and more fun.

  • Finally, American roulette, in which the numbering is the opposite of the French one and also excludes the en prison rule.
  • Let’s see today one of the most used methods to try to win at the game of roulette in online casinos.
  • This is the system with progressions or risers.

Let’s see a definition first: it is a progression or an upright in roulette when the bets are increased or lowered according to the progress of the game.

In practice, most of the game systems used in roulette exploit progression and the goal is always the same: to make sure that winning bets accumulate a larger stake compared to losing ones.

In case you lose 1, you need to win 2, if you lose 2 and 3, you need to win 3 and 4 in two hits or 6 or 7 in one hit.

There are different categories of progressions: starting from the mild, the medium ones, up to the violent ones. Each of these types has both advantageous and disadvantageous characteristics for bandarq roulette players.

  • Let’s try to focus on winning progressions in the roulette game.
  • They only increase the stakes after one or more winning hits and lower it after losing hits.

This is a game system that however places itself in a position of comparison with mathematics and is not even advantageous for the player, given that, in the event that the permanence is around a phase of equilibrium, the player will have many more chance of losing. Visit to know more.