The rules of roulette free are pretty much the same in all different versions of the game. The game is always started by choosing the bet and bet level you like. The total bet of the round is multiplied by the monetary bet and the bet level. This rule applies almost without exception to all video poker on the market, with the exception of PAF’s Mountain Climber, which does not have the typical bet levels for video poker.

After selecting the appropriate bet, the player is dealt five cards. The cards should be turned into the best possible poker hand with locks and one free exchange. The different winning hands are paid out according to the paytable.

Profit distribution

The payout is always made according to the paytable announced in the mroyun game, the better the poker hand, the higher the payout. In almost all video poker, the best possible winning hand is the Royal Flush. The exception, for example, is the All Aces game, where the best possible winning hand is four aces, always playing at bet level 1-4.

The hand that gives the lowest payout varies a little more depending on the games but often at least a certain pair or threes are needed to win.

In most cases, the amount of the win is directly related to the size of the total bet, except for the royal flush. In most video poker (such as Jacks or Better), a royal flush pays a particularly high payout if the round is played at the highest, i.e. fifth, bet level. Thus, the profit percentage at the highest bet level is the best and most profitable. In many game types, the payout percentage also increases proportionally more as the higher stakes are played. In games that do not have this feature, it is therefore irrelevant to the payout percentage at which bet level the game is played.


Most video poker offers the opportunity to double your winnings. The doubling game can work in different ways depending on the type and version of the game but most commonly the player is shown five cards on the table. One of these cards is opened to the player, whose task is to try to find a card larger than the open card. The player turns over the cards one by one, and if the opening card is bigger than before, the payout is doubled. The player can stop doubling after each guess, in which case the winnings accumulated so far will be transferred to the player’s game account.

Various Video Poker

Several online casinos offer dozens of different types of video poker, of which Jacks or Better is definitely the most common. More and more online casinos are also offering Deuces Wild, one of the few casino games where it is possible to achieve a 100% return percentage.