It is for this reason perhaps that so many people continue to bet money and play online games and slots.

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The game, in the vast majority of cases, becomes a substitute for a reality that we don’t like, but that we don’t have the strength to face and change. The mechanism is very close to that relating to the excessive consumption of alcohol, used as a way to relax and not think about problems, which however in the long run can become a problem. Few people know that (for example) the lights of slot machines are specially designed to have a relaxing effect, in order to relieve the psychological pain of those who play. Gambling addiction, online and offline, is not only evidence, it is also stimulated by the systems themselves in order to create hundreds of thousands of compulsive gamblers. Simply make mega888 register and get into the perfect solutions there.

The most common reasons why a person starts playing and cannot stop are:

  • For unprocessed bereavement,
  • To seek a sense of fulfillment that you don’t usually have,
  • To experience a thrill, an excitement or in any case strong sensations that are not experienced in everyday life,
  • Because you feel alone, and it is a way to meet new people or be in company,
  • To pass the time,
  • For financial problems that are hoped to be solved through a large online gambling win,
  • To try to be a winner at least at the game, if in life you are a loser,

For low self-esteem, which one tries to increase by proving to be better than others, to know how to win more?

To escape from a feeling of family, work or personal stress,

To avoid having to face their existential problems

Through this list we understand well why the game is so widespread, especially in times of crisis: the game is a need, a desire to relieve pain and captures people because our body is programmed to push us to adopt those habits that make us feel better (even if only apparently). The “dampening effect” of gaming, whether online or not, is a way for our bodies to limit the damage.

We also understand very well the total ineffectiveness of the advertisements that the State spreads on “gambling responsibly”, advertisements that are issued only for façade reasons, to make people believe that the State cares about them, when instead it is not a problem of responsibility but of discomfort, and you don’t cure yourself with a commercial, but by eliminating gambling from the face of the earth. Too bad it’s too big a business, which makes Italians lose something like 17 billion euros a year (4% of GDP).