The casino is a facility with large areas that allows various gambling games. They are often combined or built with hotels or resorts or in areas that attract visitors. They are also known as gambling houses. They are so popular that one must have heard of a casino even if they did not visit one.

Roulette is the most popular casino game. Developed in France, casino rulet gained so much popularity that there were various versions of the game that were developed. The game is made of bets where the player bets on a number in exchange for something of value. The game is controlled by the croupier who is the dealer of the game.

The aim of roulette

Like all other gambling games, roulette is commanded purely by chances, where the probability of a player winning is very slim. The game attracts players worldwide because of its simplicity; it is not difficult to learn the game and it does not have many complicated rules. It consists of a wheel with numbers and whoever predicts the correct number where the ball falls in is the winner.

One has to make the before the wheel starts rotating and the winners are paid. There are many versions of roulette however the rules remain the same.

The different types of roulette

The game of roulette was originated in France and was commonly played as casino rulet. The game gained so much popularity that those different versions were made out of it. The various versions of roulette are:


  • American roulette


The only difference in this game is the design of the roulette wheel which includes a 00 slot which makes the probability of winning 1 in 38


  • European roulette


It is the most authentic variation of the traditional roulette.


  • French roulette


They have an additional rule called the La Partage rule wherein if the ball rests in the number 0, the player receives half of their money back.


  • Live roulette


It is a step further to the online versions where HD streaming happens so that one can get the feel of the casino.


  • Mobile roulette


There are apps developed for payers to allow betting from anywhere in the world.


Casino rulet has gained immense popularity because it has simplified rules that are easy for anyone to understand. The game became so popular that various versions of it are available however all of them have similar rules.