In Video Poker, your opponent is the machine. You can pick on her and wear out your nerves as you play, but there is more to it. Indeed, if the machine is certainly your opponent, it is also the one that can make you win big. As an adversary, let’s try to transform her into an ally.

The basic strategy

  • As with all real and virtual casino games, Video Poker has a basic strategy. There she is.
  • If you have absolutely nothing, of course you have to exchange your 5 cards. It’s a bit sad, but it does from time to time. There is nothing to panic about.
  • If you have a nice, high value card, even if it is alone at the moment, keep it and swap the other 4.
  • If you have a pair, of course you keep them. As before, if you have two interesting cards, but orphans for the moment, keep them anyway and swap the other 3 cards.
  • If you have a set, it goes without saying that you only trade two cards.
  • Likewise, if you have two pair or a beginning of a straight formed, then you will only trade one card.
  • Finally, if you are “served”. it is because luck has smiled on you. Congratulations.

Adapt your strategy according to the variant played

In the “Jacks or better” version of bandarqq Poker, since we are looking above all for jacks and all cards greater than them, it is quite useless to keep cards of small value. Even if you have a pair, trade them, as the probability of successfully forming a set is very low here.

In “Tens or better”, it’s the same principle as before, but you start from the 10th. In “Deuces Wild” games, the “2s” become the most important cards. They are now Jokers. The “big” cards will no longer have to be kept systematically. On the other hand, with the help of “2 jokers”, it becomes a little easier to constitute suites. Consider this option more frequently than in the other variations.

Best Choices for You

Finally, let’s talk about “Joker Poker”. In this variation, since a Joker has been added to the game, the probabilities of each of the combinations change. Aces, kings and pairs should be favored as well as the jokers of course.

  • These specific strategies should always be paired with the basic strategy to achieve the best results.
  • In addition, never forget to respect objectives as much budget, time as gain.

Finally, before you start, always check the payout table. So that you don’t have to fully decrypt it each time, here is a simple tip. In “Jacks or better”, look at the color line, it should pay 6 winning units. The line of the full house should for its part be rewarded with 9 units of gain. If not, do not play this Video Poker and try a different one.